I am passionate about photography,  photography as an art in itself, as a mean to get a creative force, open and unleashed to express the ephemeral and the imaginary through the narrative and the contemplative.

Indeed, the exploration, discovery, creation, by and through photography, especially macro photography, are spontaneous activities for me.

I choose to work in an authentic environment, outdoors and in all weather conditions.

These conditions force me to adapt very quickly to new sceneries caused by all these natural disturbances, and those accumulated over time on my subjects and on these fugitives microcosms.

I thus achieved one of my dreams, the one to tell, with no specific purpose, but secretly hoping that these photographic narratives will bring to a curious mind an approach, a different look at the world, his world!



my approach

I offer them, rejected ones, or those imprinted with too many signs of the passage of time, to take an active part in a new episode, a new picture, a new idea, where they relive, transformed.

Each photograph is in itself a story, often loaded with one or more human experiences.


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