The macro photography that I practice is  a mean that allows me to explore and shape almost invisible worlds, which are emerging freely, even in constraining conditions, singular and of subtle light.

I try to capture the "light radiation" of matter, the brightness, liveliness and quietness it brings and carries into the human heart, especially in times when everything seems lifeless, colorless, greyish ...

I practice macro photography assiduously for more than three years, learning by myself through my own efforts within my artistic approach.

I've always been attracted to differences, transformations, especially those barely noticeable, and occurring very slowly.

WATER is a meeting place, my thread, the link which unites and strengthens ...

I am particularly attracted to organic and mineral elements, often abandoned by nature (autumn leaves, feathers, seaweed, etc.), which are to me great sources of inspiration and discovery. They metamorphose, cross or unite together to make a new order of things, an array of uncommon colors and shapes, when they are fed with a little mist of water, a pinch of snow, of frost or ice, or surrounded by artistic blurred. Certain features and aspects of our humanity are included and revealed through the metamorphoses of these elements considered inert, but themselves carriers of stories.


macro photography


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